Who is Stephen?


Stephen Vaughn

Hi, my name is Stephen. If someone asked me to describe myself with four words I would say Christian, people, thinking, and humorFor me, writing is the expression of those four combined.

I can remember the first time I wrote something that deeply affected someone’s life. I was going into the seventh grade and poured out my heart in a goodbye letter to close family friends. When they called and told me how they felt, I was hooked. Ever since that day, I have had a deep desire to share my words and thoughts with others in hopes of touching their lives.

Words have a unique power to bond, mend, encourage, and strengthen, among many other positives. It’s also the medium through which we can think and build relationships with one another. I yearn to write because I love composing feelings and thoughts.

Like you, I’m normal. I don’t write for a living. I’m a handyman at my graduate school, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. I didn’t study English in college in hopes of writing the next best-selling novel. Instead, I learned to fix aircraft at Liberty University. I don’t lead a church. I attend a small group. I don’t travel the world. I wake up and go to work every weekday and enjoy weekends spent with people I love.

So what’s my hope for you as you read my site?

First, I want you to feel that what you are reading is relatable. You won’t find theological pretentiousness and big fluffy words here.

Second, I want you to walk away with some thoughts you can experience in your everyday reality.

Lastly, I want you to enjoy the photos. I love aesthetics. The visuals I chose are as important as the writing itself, so please make sure to consider the “why” behind each photo.

I’ll end with this final thought. Thanks for reading! Seriously! Each reader matters to me. Every post is composed with people in mind. My writing is for your enjoyment, not my exposure. I pray what you read here is comforting, relatable, and encouraging.

If you have a thought or just want to communicate, feel free to use my contact page or message me on Facebook using the plugin on my side menu. Just follow the Facebook icon and go from there.

Thanks for reading! God Bless,