Slow Down

I love my friends. Each has such a special place in my life. God has given me many gifts through my friends. Among those many gifts are timely, astounding conversations. You know the type – they’re natural, they just seem to flow at the right time out of a pleasant place.

Last Friday night was one of those times for me. I rarely mention names in my posts, but I want to because…well, it’s Dave (ironically, he doesn’t read these posts, so he will never know).

Dave embodies many things worthy of emulation, but last Friday he reminded me of a key truth. I want to share it with you.

Slow down.

I’m practical. I live for efficiency. Everything in my day is planned out to be as time-saving as possible. My devotions are pointed and disciplined.

Dave is chill. He’s been in Romans for, like, two years…He said that casually, but the statement rattled around in my head for a while. He reminded me to actually engage what I read in the Bible. True transformation doesn’t come by consuming copious amounts but by having real encounters with the truths written on its pages. To use Eugene Peterson’s term, it has to be “metabolized” into our systems. It must be ingested, digested, and put to use for it to become real to us.

God is as interested in the journey as the destination. He is growing us every step of the way, so why rush His words? Shouldn’t we savor them?

For me, I needed to be reminded to slow down in my personal study. I was losing more than I was gaining in my old method of reading. In what areas of life might you need to slow down? It’s worth praying through…

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