Christian Millennial’s Number One Unaddressed Issue

Although we take a lot of criticism, millennials possess many strengths. We yearn for success in our families, handle money surprisingly well (when we have it!), and are notoriously socially inclusive.*

But there is something I believe Christian millennials are doing that I fear will have unforeseen consequences.

I believe the greatest issue facing our generation is a delayed sense of seriousness about the Lord. I have observed a lack of complete submission to the Lord in the millennial workforce and college setting.

I know this feeling well, as this was much of my own college experience. Even while knowing I was called to pursue ministry preparation, I still found myself cyclically walking through seasons asking one big question: Is the price of holiness worth the sacrifice of worldliness? 

This is where our generation is. Many see their peers living in “self-discovery,” experimenting with sin to see which flavor they like better – Christ, or living for self.

Playing with sin puts the Christian in a holding pattern. When we see following Christ in this light, our reasoning says, “I’ll get serious when I’m dating, or married, or when the kids come, or when…” There is never a true resolution because devoting all of ourselves to Christ is a matter of the will, not emotions.

To conclude, the source of this issue is unique to each individual, but we can still trace it’s origin to how millennials answer whether or not the price of holiness is worth the sacrifice of worldliness.

We need to remember that any worldly experience lost cannot compare to the joys of knowing Christ more (Phil 3:8). Obedience is rewarded with a greater knowledge and experience of God. No sin will ever satisfy like the gift of knowing Christ more intimately.

So, I ask my millennial readers, is the price of holiness worth the sacrifice of worldliness? I pray you will answer with a confident “yes.” For my older readers, please help us in this area. We can use your direction! The time to follow the Lord seriously is now!

*The 8 Greatest Strengths of Generation Y. (2014, February 03). Retrieved February 03, 2018, from

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