A Hidden Gem in the Christian Life

I hope you occasionally sit back and observe the ways of godly older people. I consider this somewhat of a pastime for myself. Imagine the wisdom you can obtain if you try to see life through their eyes. Their perspective is one of understanding.

If I could pick out one specific thing I’ve learned the most from this crowd, it’s this – balance.

Here are three specific aspects of balance I’ve learned from those older than I.

  1. Balance isn’t sexy. How many movies have you seen about a man who handles his finances well, lives modestly, balances work/home life, and lives with discernment? Not many, if any. It’s sad but true. The best way to live is the least glorified. Our culture values flashy displays of passion and excess much more than controlled living.
  2. Balance requires consistent discipline for years. Some of us are “fad” people (guilty!). We go in and out of seasons of spending, TV, books, exercise, and just about anything else that is fun at the start. But, there is a ton to be reaped when we sow for decades the same seed. It will certainly yield an abundant harvest.
  3. Balance trains us to be godly. Since balance takes discipline, it also incorporates many aspects of spiritual self-control. Learning self-discipline in all areas can have positive effects on our walk with Christ (example, consistently spending time with the Lord even with a busy schedule). Balance helps us to keep all things in their proper place in our Christian walks.

I pray that I will grow immensely in this area. I hope you join me in asking yourself how you might balance your life to show the whole character of Christ.

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