The Simplicity of Relationship with God

Sometimes we overthink our relationship with God. Have you ever heard of this routine?

Three chapters of Bible reading, ideally dispersed throughout Old and New Testaments, combined with a less-read portion of Bible. Follow that with two sermons from two different, favorite preachers (each 45 minutes or greater in length). Tier one of prayer (sedentary prayer, of course) – 30 minutes, tier two – 1 hour, expert – any amount greater than 2 hours. All of this must be followed by quality worship music in transit to obligatory location for the day, followed by superior moral living. Once this routine is complete (preferably before 8 am), then one has communed with God. 

That paragraph is laughable. Some of you might even be a little peeved. “That’s not how it works!” 

You’re right. It’s not, yet at times we still tell ourselves the ritual above is the true Christian walk. Although all of those things are wonderful routines (and I would highly recommend each one), they neglect the simple beauty of the way God has organized this whole relationship.

God has made the instructions simple enough for a child to walk with Him, yet rewarding enough for the deepest intellect.

Read and communion (with God through prayer and with His church). 

Are there complications along the way? Of course. Will our world push us to overcomplicate and search to no end for solutions? Indeed. Does suffering make life messy? Always. Is following Christ black and white? Nope.

But, God keeps the ground rules simple for us. He always meets us in the quiet place. Maybe you’re reading this and you have recently felt that your walk with the Lord has become unnaturally complicated – like you’re trying to accomplish it more than enjoy it. I wonder if the missing ingredient is the simplicity of fellowship with God…that we read his Word, and we talk to Him and his people (the church).

Don’t let over-active spirituality and box-checking take the place of personal investment in the Bible and prayer. Keep it simple. It’s refreshing.

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