3 Losses in the Absence of Prayer

I found myself doing a little reflection the other day while I was at work. “Is ____ a guy who probably prays a lot?” “I wonder how often ____ talks to God about his life?”

Then I asked the inventible question: “I wonder if people would say I am a man of prayer?” Sadly, I know how my time is dispersed throughout my daily routine, and I could certainly use more prayer.

Continuing on with my reflection, I considered what I lose by not being more committed to prayer. It’s important to remember that prayer is therapy for the Christian’s soul, not a boring obligation. Many of us suffer from numb and sterile prayer lives because we aren’t actually telling God what we are really thinking and feeling. The prideful pretense creates distance. We have to be honest with ourselves, and then with Him before we experience true conversation in prayer.

I want to throw out three quick thoughts on what we lose when we fail to pray.

  1. Peace. Peace doesn’t come from all our affairs being in order. It comes from knowing that the God of all creation is watching over us. What better protection is there than to experience the care of the One who has all the resources we will ever need at His fingertips? Maybe we ought to start asking for more help…
  2. Security. Failing to talk to the Lord opens us up to forgetting Who is watching over us. It will naturally lead to fear. We begin to worry about all sorts of things when we haven’t heard the calming voice of the Father reminding us He always cares, is still watching over us, and is constantly working in our daily circumstances to demonstrate His affection.
  3. Purity. If we pray less, we sin more. If we sin more, we worry, act selfishly, and spiral downward in our relationship with God and others. Not to worry, though! God gives grace. We can experience it in prayer, and avoid the pitfalls, altogether, if we’re proactive.

God is so good to us. He is always there for us when we fail, reminding us that His grace covers our wrongs. Let’s pray more often not because we “have” to, but because we want to share our lives with our Father.

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