Are You Spoiled?

Spoiled or blessed, which of the two are we? Maybe we are both. In our nation, our culture of abundance, we wrestle to define the line between the two. Are you okay if God doesn’t give you what you want? Most of us should be honest and admit that our culture has not trained us for this possibility.

In order to tackle this issue within our hearts, we first need to be comfortable enough to admit we have a hard time not getting what we want. We are wired to obtain our desires. It’s part of what makes the American culture so blissful.

But, as I prepared my last sermon in Psalm 62, it became clear to me that many struggles within the Christian walk are byproducts of our will, as it rages against what God designs for us.

This challenges our philosophy on gratitude. For what are we grateful? Regarding people in our lives, you may be grateful for a friend’s sense of humor or your mother’s emotional intelligence.

As it pertains to Christ, what are we grateful for? Gratitude is not saying “thank you” when my wishes are granted. Gratitude is realizing He knows me well enough to give me not just what I need, but also what I didn’t know I wanted. My heart may yearn to be closer to Christ, but if I fail to examine myself deeply enough to determine the core of my longings, I will fail to act accordingly. In order to do so, I must walk through a personally unknown trail in order to experience the manifestation of my desires – to be with Him. These are paths of the heart only Christ knows. He holds the map to our private longings. We need his guidance on how to satisfy the depths of our own souls. 

The posture of our hearts will change what we feel about not getting what we want. First, we must come to realize what we truly desire is an unparalleled outpouring of emotional, physical, and spiritually intimacy with Christ. When we align our mentality with that truth, we will move from spoiled to grateful, for Christ is giving us that which we forgot we wanted – to experience more of Him (Ps 37:4).

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