Do Your Prayers Pour Forth?

“Trust in him at all times, you people;

pour out your hearts before him.

God is our refuge.” Ps 62:8 (CSB)

At first glance you might answer “yes” to the title without actually considering the question. When you are hurting, do you pour out those hurts until they are expressed both in cries for help and tears? When you need answers, do you plead to hear the voice of God? When you fail to find peace of heart, do you seek calm in the arms of the Savior?

Or, do you settle for buzz words? Do you pray in platitudes – “God, I know you’re the Author and Finisher of salvation…”? Are your prayers neat, polished plaques of spiritual piety that lack any sign of life? Those prayers aren’t theologically incorrect, but they’re not always honest. The language might impress, contain correct theology, have sound doctrine, but the heart lies silent, unexpressed and unexamined before God. Somtimes we must tell God that we do not believe in our soul what we know to be true in our heads.

This phrase “pour out” carries with it meaning of “gushing out,” “spilling forth,” even “shedding blood.”* The prayers of the child of God in need are gut wrenching. They sound more like the cries of a drowning sailor than a polished priest. Their language may not be repeatable. It’s sometimes expressed in a tongue only heaven knows (Romans 8:26). They’re intimate, probably even embarrassing for anyone else to hear. You might sound more like a beggar than a child when you pray this way.

So, exile yourself in prayer, and when you’re overwhelmed, pour forth your heart until you have spilled everything within you…until there is no fight left…until you have communed intimately by being honest before the Lord. Do whatever it takes in your prayer to express all that stirs in you. Christ is waiting to listen and act on your behalf. Will you join Him?



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