Will You Seek His Face?

My heart says this about you:
“Seek his face.”
Lord, I will seek your face. – Ps. 27:8 (CSB)

We have a need as believers to cry out to the Lord. If we go for periods of time without communicating with the Father, we will notice. Our moods may be off, our interests redirected, our worship misplaced, our focus lost…it doesn’t matter what the symptom, the issue lies deep within. Our hearts are in need of times where we “seek His face.”

This deep cry from within calls for an obedient response. This response isn’t easy, though. How many times have I, have you, felt the need to press in yet chosen to do something else instead—to decompress rather than to seek, to emote rather than pray, to hurt rather than to seek healing in the arms of the Father? We are all tempted to try and meet our need for communion with the Father from other sources. Still, we should discipline our minds to take our deepest needs not to the quickest fix, but to the One who knows us best. God’s help may feel less tangible, but it is as present as the air we breathe.

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