The Hidden Truth About Giving Advice

It is much easier to give advice than to receive it. It’s enjoyable to lend people an ear and respond to their situation with wisdom and practicality. Giving direction comes more naturally to us than taking it because giving requires no action on our part…or so we believe. Usually, we assume it’s only the recipient who is responsible for the response.

Have you ever considered that those who give good advice often struggle to do it themselves? It’s the internal battles that teach us the hard truths worth sharing with others. If life were simple, we wouldn’t fight to give solid answers to complex questions.

What’s the point in me choosing to focus on this? Think about this, the next time you give advice to someone, ask yourself if you follow your counsel. We are only as credible as the consistency of our actions. If we instruct others in one way, then contradict ourselves by our actions, we all but erase everything we’ve said. We’ll have shared nice thoughts, but the advice given will lack real, tangible evidence.

This is really just another way to remind us to stay humble when we’re asked for direction in a given situation/circumstance. Sound wisdom requires both parties to receive, act, and adjust accordingly. Watch the advice you give others…it might be something you need to hear as well.



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