Does Your Life Stand Out?

Over the past year I have observed a disturbing phenomenon in the church. More and more believers are conforming, trying to become conveyer belt Christians. Somehow, a culture of dull Christianity is starting to exist. It’s as if the world is full of colorful personalities, but we paint in black and white.

We need more disciples who challenge us to see our world differently. Personalities who overwhelm the world they exist in with dazzling color and hypnotic sound. I see an ache for lives that are abundantly infectious, persuasive, and transmittable outside the four walls of our Sunday gathering spots.

Our lives tend to be boring. We have a bent towards restriction, more focused on not breaking rules than bending the norm. The world is attractive to others because it appears to promise more than Christianity does …and based on the way some of us live, we believe that too.

I challenge you not to be swayed by popular Christian culture. Be orthodox in doctrine, yet spectacular in the way you live. Carry out your life in Christ with all the richness and freedom that you have always wanted to.

Be yourself. Explore. Push the limits. Embrace freedom in Christ.

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