Are You Authentic?

I write often on this subject because I believe in it. Authenticity is a rare social jewel. We crave to be around genuine people, but we feel vulnerable actually being that individual.

When I mention “authentic,” what exactly am I referring to as it pertains to Christians? In this post I want to share five criteria I associate with an authentic believer.

  1. No pretense. I’ve met quite a few Christians who like to pull power moves…act like they want to disciple the world…have everyone look up to them. This automatically makes me cringe and move on.
  2. Real about their entertainment choices. This may seem unrelated, but I think our media choices say a lot about our level of authenticity. People’s convictions vary on what they watch and listen to. Folks who straight up tell you what they like with confidence are much more genuine then those who pretend to only watch “Christian approved media.”
  3. Aware of their weaknesses. Without being self-depreciating, those who are authentic will be honest about what they’re good at and the attributes they lack.
  4. Honest, but kind. Kindness without honesty is spineless, and honesty without kindness is graceless. But, the perfect balance…that’s something to cherish!
  5. Quick to laugh. Life is humorous, and sometimes it’s both dark and comical. I’ve noticed those who have healthy humor are usually pretty down to earth folks.

Maybe you agree, maybe you don’t. These are five of my observations. I think we could all do ourselves a favor by trying to put our genuine selves forward. Let’s be real with everyone. It builds community and strong friendship, and will make you more satisfied socially.

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