Our Role in Helping People Change

In my previous post I said I would share five more insights with evangelical Christians, but I want to detour from that idea and focus on friendship/counseling in this post.

Everyone we know has room for growth. It’s our job as brothers/sisters in Christ and friends to help that process along when necessary. I have found that many of us go about this process while underestimating the role of the Holy Spirit.

So, in hopes that we will avoid this trap, I want to propose three simple actions to substantiate the Lord’s work in someone else’s life.

  1. Ask really good questions. We can inquire in a way that helps our friends/family see our point. Often people can see the truth better if you guide them to it through intentional questions. We should inquire in a way that helps others to analyze their motives and reasons for thinking and acting the way they do.
  2. Pray for them. It’s simple, but true. Ask the Lord to deal with the issues you see. And don’t be surprised if you find yourself seeing your own blind spots.
  3. Be patient. From my experience, people often grow slowly in their walk with the Lord. As a friend, I want to be gracious and patient as they stumble and stagger when progressing. Practice patience and don’t set expectations in your mind for where you think the individual might be in the future.

All of us have room for growth, so let’s strengthen one another by supporting the Lord’s work in our lives.

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