5 Things I Wish I Could Say to Every Evangelical Christian

I like to observe themes in people groups. The church is a great place to exercise this hobby. I’ve grown up in, and into, an evangelical culture, so I have a decent feel for our strengths and weaknesses.

I want to share five things I wish I could say to every evangelical.

  1. Relax in God’s grace. Performance and works seem to be the default measure of the value of our faith. We need a big view of works, and a giant view of grace.
  2. Laugh more. We worry so much about what we can and can’t laugh at that we lose any sense of humor. The evangelical community is short on gregarious Christians.
  3. Get over our popularity/fame/celebrity culture. We can do great things in the shadows. Millions of Christians have lived in anonymity for centuries, and they were alright. Let’s follow suit.
  4. Read more. I looooveeeee Netflix! But, a good memoir or novel is refreshing as well. We should allow our imaginations to be stretched more often.
  5. Enjoy/appreciate the beautiful world that God has made! Aesthetics are a huge part of my faith. I wish we would be a culture of Christians who strive to express beauty in all areas of life. It’s attractive to a dull, lost world!

I’ll share five more with you in my next post. I pray you take these to heart if they’ve resonated with you and that you look to live them out going forward.

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