The Changing Tide of the American Church

“We are church.” Have you heard of it? If not, I’ll share a short synopsis, which leads into my point. We Are Church is a house church movement in San Francisco built of three simple principles: each church meets in a member’s home, is led by two un-paid pastors, and all giving goes to the mission of the church according to the New Testament.[1]

I don’t want to speak to whether or not I agree with the philosophy (maybe later). Instead, I want to use this as a springboard to make a point.

I am encouraged by the conversations I’m having with friends and family. It seems the rigid, inflexible, old school, uber-organized, non-communal church is slowly losing momentum.

This means fewer celebrities and more church families. It means more Christ-centered focus, and less consumer-driven worship. It means more engaged Christians instead of passively surviving lukewarm Christ followers who never get beyond wondering whether or not they’re saved because they spend their days on social media comparing themselves to more popular Christians.

So, I’m encouraged, and I hope you are too! I pray the American church will re-focus on Christ and stop thinking of our wishes and wants. I pray the Lord is glorified, instead of pastors, worship leaders, and Christian mouthpieces.


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