The Most Important Thing I Learned in My First Year at Seminary

Having finished my first two semesters of seminary, I took some time to look back on what I’ve learned over the past 10 months. To be honest, there aren’t any deep epiphanies or earth-shattering truths. If anything, this year has instilled in me a greater conviction to be a good listener.

Now more than ever I see the value in soaking up what people say and thinking it through. Not just to hear others, but to internalize what is said. To listen to what the Lord communicates in His Word, through others, and in prayer.

This serves me well in life, in lectures, in church, in relationships…the list continues.

Listening is the on-ramp for learning, avoiding downfalls, increasing in wisdom, loving Christ correctly, being a faithful son/brother/friend. This act can teach us much more than we ever imagined. Those who listen will constantly be presented with opportunities to grow.

So, with one year down and more to go, that’s the most important thing I’ve learned all year. I urge you, listen more, and talk less. The world needs more “hearers” and fewer talkers.

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