Does God Have Your Emotions?

Emotions are tricky. I’ve said that before, and I’ll continue to say it as I age. God desires His children to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit. I want to make sure this is the case in my life, especially emotionally.

My question for you today is simple. What do you feel when you think/interact/speak of God? Feelings don’t have the final say; truth does. But to ignore the fact that there should be an emotive response at the name of Christ is to ignore a crucial part of the human make-up.

I ask this question because I know many Christians who live “heady” lives, devoid of any artistic beauty in their walk with the Lord.

I don’t think we can justify this way of living with the book of Psalms (51:8; 62.8; 64:1) . It’s counter-biblical to live a spiritual life devoid of emotional care.

So, if you’re caught in a spot of lifeless intimacy with the Lord, milking a parched soul, I only ask that you become aware of it and ask Him to change it. Read more of the Psalms. Write poetry. Sing a song. Find a way to be completely His, emotions and all.

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