Are You Too Busy?

These last five months of my life can be summed up in one word: hectic. I’ve been consumed with classes, work, church, friends, new obligations and developments.

Busy can quickly turn from productive to threatening. There are two times my spiritual life is directly under attack: when extremely idle or busy.

I want to explore five dangers of being too busy from my own life. Examine yourself for similarities.

  1. Strained intimacy with Christ. In the ebb and flow of life, reading the Bible can feel more like drifting at sea than diving in to a refreshing body of water, to be cooled and rejuvenated. The Word is rich. I begin to get anxious when my reading of the Bible becomes static.
  2. Driving through my prayer life. Buzzing through the list of request and needs is not a prayer life. Too often when I’m “going” nonstop, I fail to stop and spend restful time in prayer.
  3. Overlapping obligations. Writing while I’m in a lecture, reading while I’m hanging with friends, and doing study guides during a meal probably indicates there is too much going on. I need moments to catch my breath, and overlapping obligations only keep me running at a full sprint.
  4. No time for family. Not being able to answer calls, delaying texts message replies, and failing to think/pray for those I love most mean my priorities are beginning to shift. Family is of supreme value to me, but obligations can threaten to readjust my priorities.
  5. Lack of time to reflect on my spiritual life. Reflection and spiritual inventory are integral parts of my walk with the Lord. I love to assess where I am, think on what He’s been teaching me, and contemplate where He’s been leading me lately. When there is no time to process these key parts of my life, something needs to change.

Busy should be approached with caution. It’s not a badge of honor, so don’t wear it with pride. Be aware of its effect on your life and relationships. The devil likes to work when we’re active, not just when we are idle.


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