3 Questions to Ask About Your Priorities

Different seasons of life bring diverse challenges. When new things are introduced into our routines, sometimes we struggle to learn where they fit. Or, we just lose our ability to prioritize and suffer some unpleasant consequences.

Staying focused in life is not easy, but it’s doable. Here are three helpful questions to ask yourself when you need to prioritize.

  1. Is my relationship with Christ/the gospel still my most important priority? As Christians, we should always be striving to answer this question with a “yes.” But, we’re human, and there are times we lose our focus. What in your life has subtly become more important than Christ and the implications of intimacy with Him?
  2. Are any of my (family) relationships/friendships suffering right now because of imbalance in my priorities? There are times where we try to juggle so much that those we care about suffer from our absence. We will be spending eternity with people, so we should be living with them as a primary priority.
  3. How is my spiritual, physical, and emotional health? Has something been stealing your sleep? Are you eating right and exercising, or are you too busy? Correctly arranged priorities will allow adequate time to make sure we are taking care of ourselves holistically.

These are three simple questions, but I think our answers to them let us know of changes we may need to make. Take some time to think them through for yourself and adjust accordingly.

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