Does Your Soul Wait? Reflections From Psalm 62

“For God alone my soul waits in silence” Psalm 62:1

We are not a waiting people. Our food is fast, our media LTE speed…Our culture is immediate. God is not. He works in the waiting.

We are a loud people. I can’t remember the last time I made breakfast without music on. My apartment is never quiet. I seem to always have music or movies on the background to keep my mind occupied.

What’s so magical about waiting? What happens in silence? I want to explore these questions with two concise reasons why we, like the Psalmist, should live a life of spiritual patience and quiet.

  1. Waiting empties us. Waiting makes us take inventory on our thoughts. What comes to your mind first when you are in an expecting season? A true test of the state of your mind is where it goes when you commit to waiting on the Lord to communion with you.
  2. Silence stills us. We must come to grips with what is going on in our hearts when we are surrounded by silence. When we stop stirring, much of what is happening within will rise to the surface. Only then, when the things of our hearts have been revealed, can we allow the Holy Spirit to deal with those untouched areas.

Now, let me offer two realizations for practicing these elements.

  1. Waiting takes work. Waiting in a time of devotional communion with the Lord can be painstaking. Although frustrating, this is truly a blessing. There is something intimate about pursuing the Lord with patience and expectancy.
  2. Silence calls us to deep prayer. Sometimes sitting in the Lord’s presence, meditating on His Word, is just what’s needed to rejuvenate our weary souls. I believe we are so overworked mentally and so connected through media that we don’t even know just how much our soul craves solitude. Let’s seek it; better yet, let’s seek Him through the silence.

Our time with the Lord can be rich, but we must learn to empty ourselves through patient waiting and solitude.

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