3 Signs You’re Discontent

Discontentment is par for the course of life. Circumstances constantly challenge where our satisfaction lies. Sometimes tasting what could be can throw off our entire equilibrium.

During these times of dissatisfaction, it’s crucial that we have a system of checks and balances in place so we can deal with the virus of discontentment.

From personal experience, here are three signs in my own life that I am struggling with contentment. See if you can relate.

  1. A consumption with what I don’t have. When something enters my life that stirs unhealthy levels of want, there is usually a measure of destructive desire that comes along. This desire can lead to compulsory thinking.
  2. A drive to obtain that which I don’t have. Such excessive analyzing can lead to a staunch determination and plan to obtain “it.” Sometimes I’m even willing to go at my goal at all costs.
  3. A very narrow view of meaning in life. When what I don’t have is first on my brain, that means that all else will be run through that process of thinking. As a Christian, the opposite should be true. All desires and ambitions should be processed through the filter of the Holy Spirit.

What’s the solution to the three issues above? First, we must realize where our eternal satisfaction comes from in this life. Second, take your thoughts to a trusted friend who will listen and help encourage you in biblical thinking. Third, understand that this is part of being human. We must learn eternal satisfaction in Christ over the course of our lives.

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