What I’m Listening To

It’s no secret I have unique tastes when it comes to music. Often I get the pleasure of introducing friends and family to wonderful music they never knew existed.

Below are five of the best pieces of music I have heard in the past couple of months. Some are albums, songs, and/or artists. If music is a hobby of yours, I promise you will not be disappointed with my suggestions.

Note: All links will take you to Youtube.com. Click the bold font to access songs.

  1. Khalid – American Teen (album): Khalid is fresh onto the mainstream musical scene with this album. He mixes smooth rhythm with pop R&B. I was addicted to this album for several months after its release.
  2. Lord Huron: This is my newest discovery thanks to a show on Netflix. These folks make life feel like a soundtrack as they drive nostalgic nuisances into your heart. (Favorite song in link).
  3. The Moth and the Flame – Red Flag: High energy. Coldplay-esc. If you are a fan of upbeat, simple, and fun pop songs, this jam is for you.
  4. Novo Armor: Sneakily intimate, Novo Armor uses high pitched, haunting vocals to connect to the deepest of your musical desires (Favorite song in link).
  5. The 1975: I discovered The 1975 last year (yes, I’m aware I’m late) and haven’t been the same since. Their unique combination of electronic production and emotive lyrics make them the perfect choice for late night drives (Favorite song in link).




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