4 Ways to Take Your Worries to a Friend

Worry can be like dirty laundry. You may discard it for a time, but eventually, it must be dealt with. A study conducted eight years ago discovered we worry an average of six and a half years of our life away (pending we live an average lifespan)![1]

As shocking as that statistic may be, Christians should not be alarmed. Jesus informs His followers this is par for the course, and He also exhorts us to victory by trusting in His loving care (John 16:33, Matthew 6:25-34).

Still, we find ourselves in need of help with the nag of worry. With the understanding that Christ is the primary recipient of our worries through the medium of prayer, let’s consider a few ways we can take our worries to a trusted friend.

  1. Honestly. Being vulnerable about our lack of trust can be a struggle. It requires humility and vulnerability to be open about our weaknesses in this area.
  2. Analytically. I understand not everyone likes to analyze, but here’s a simple tip: next time you present a friend with your worries, ask him or her to question you about the situation. Questions will help you think clearer, work out your emotions, and come to a Christ-like conclusion.
  3. Holistically. Consider your worries with a friend through the entire lens of Scripture. What does Scripture say about our worries in the grand scheme of eternity? Who is more powerful throughout Scripture, God or the concerns of men? Answering questions like these with a broad grasp of the Bible will calm your anxieties.
  4. Prayerfully. Simply ask for prayer. We all need it, so let’s start asking for it. Intercession has never made things worse.

Please, don’t bottle up your worry. Share it with a Christian brother or sister, and watch as the Lord loosens your tangled mess of worry.

[1] http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-1103754/As-survey-reveals-spend-6-5-years-lives-worrying-self-confessed-neurotic-says–STOP-WORRYING.html


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