2 Times Dreaming Is Unhealthy

During my late teenage and (very) early 20s, I was a frequent dreamer. I was always striving towards some goal in the future, or planning out my next conquest. I would ponder what occupation I would be pursuing or some other important endeavor.

Having a vision and goal for your life is beneficial, but sometimes our farsightedness can remove us from the beauty of our present moment.

Here are two times I think day dreaming about the future might do more harm than good:

  1. If it hinders completion of today’s work. If you find yourself dreaming so much that you can’t focus on a what needs to be accomplished immediately, it’s probably time to find a way to reengage.
  2. If it leads to discontentment. Dreams of what could be help us to progress, until we want what may come in the future so much that it becomes unhealthy. Make sure to never lose your satisfaction in your present moment.

Dreaming/goal setting is beneficial, but remember God has the last say about what happens in our lives, and tomorrow is not promised (Prov. 16:9; James 4:14). Let’s make the most of today to set ourselves up well for tomorrow.

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