5 Reasons to Ask People to Pray for You

How spiritually tough do you think you are? When in the midst of a trial, do you try to stand alone or do you ask for help? The fact is, none of us are strong enough to live without the prayers of other Christians.

There are numerous benefits of having someone pray for you. Here’s my list of five.

  1. It builds community. Few actions draw us close to other people like bearing our hearts and asking for support.
  2. It fosters integrity. When you can ask for prayer in any area, you become an open book, exposing dark areas to light. This openness leads to consistency in our Christian character, hope, and godliness.
  3. It humbles you. Realizing you can’t make it without the prayers of another is uncomfortable. Still, this is healthy. It’s good to be reminded that we are not god of our lives; He is.
  4. It’s encouraging. It’s simply amazing to watch the Holy Spirit communicate between a few people when a need occurs. This builds faith and spurs us on in devotion.
  5. It’s biblical. Galatians 6:2 says “bear one another’s burdens” (NASB). It doesn’t get any simpler or direct than that.

So, let some faithful people into your life. Think of those you could trust with your most intimate prayer requests. Seek them out and start sharing your heart. God will reward your obedience.

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