5 Billion+ Reasons to be Humble

We are completing this week’s theme of humility with a guest post by Dr. Chuck Lawless. Note: This article was written in April of last year. Some of the statistics may have changed, by the powerful message of this article has not.

By Dr. Chuck Lawless

I’ve wrestled with whether or not to write this post. I’ve been thinking about this truth lately, primarily because I wrestle with my own arrogance. Frankly, I also struggle with what I see to be pride in Christian leaders, too, but that struggle is also a reflection of my own sinful pride. So, here goes . . .

I’m a Southern Baptist, which means I’m one of about 15.5 million people in about 50,000 cooperating congregations. Suppose every Southern Baptist were to know my name (which is most certainly not the case for me and likely not for even the best known Southern Baptist), but no one else knew me. If that were the case, in all my popularity as a Southern Baptist, 95% of the United States population would still not know me.

Broaden that concept a bit. Suppose every evangelical in the United States (approximately 62 million people) knew my name. If that were the case, 81% of the United States would still not know me by name.  

Then, if every person classified as a Christian in the world (listed as 2.2 billion people, though that number is often defined in ways that make evangelicals uncomfortable) knew my name, 70% of the world would still not know that I exist.

Here’s the reality: no matter how important we think we are, most of the world – including most of the Christian world – has never even heard of us.

That should be okay with us, though. The story of the gospel is not about us anyway.

*This article was originally posted on Chucklawless.com. Permission was granted to post on The Things Unseen. 


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