5 Qualities I Love About My Pastor

A pastor’s influence goes far beyond his preaching. Sadly, many congregant’s judgements stop at the pulpit. But, getting to know your pastor is one of the best ways to open your ears to his sermons.

As I have put this idea into practice, I have found five characteristics present in my pastor I wish were true of all pastors.

(For anyone interested, I attend Restoration Church in Wake Forest, NC.)

Here they are:

  1. Great sense of humor. It’s comforting to know your pastor can laugh at a good joke. When you know he won’t personalize or internalize a something said in jest, it frees you to share a good heartfelt laugh. Also, few things in life draw two people together like laughing.
  2. Passion that doesn’t wane. A pastor who brings the same level of intensity and drive with him week after week is encouraging. You can’t help but be positively influenced.
  3. Quirkiness. Pastors who are cut from the typical “clergy cloth” can be a little boring, honestly. I love my pastor for the idiosyncrasies and quirks God placed within his personality.
  4. Emotional expression. As someone who struggles in this area, it provides me with an opportunity to learn healthy sharing of emotions. Observing a pastor who wears the right amount of emotion on his sleeve can help me do the same throughout my week.
  5. Accessibility. I understand every pastor oversees a different flock, but my pastor is readily accessible, either through phone or in person. He doesn’t make himself seem more important by being hard to contact. It’s endearing, and I value his availability immensely.

Every pastor is different. Each one will have unique traits we appreciate. Reflect and thank God for your pastor. He needs your prayers today.

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