The Perfect Timing of God

By: Justin Laskowski

I’ve been reading through 2 Kings in my devotional time, and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite books of the Bible. I can relate to the prophet Elisha who had the opportunity to learn from a great mentor named Elijah, but now is a prophet and out on his own. The people of Israel are in turmoil and facing war, yet God is still at work through godly men like Elisha.

Second Kings is full of great stories that have captured my attention and imagination. What has really stuck out to me is the perfect, even ironic, timing of God.

  • Elisha happens to cross paths with a widow who owed a debt she could not pay. He then performs a miracle so she can sell oil to pay her debts (2 Kings 4:1-7).
  • Elisha happens to be around when a woman’s son has just died, and through God, is able to bring the boy back to life (4:18-37).
  • Elisha happens to recover the ax head from a borrowed ax, saving one of the servants from the embarrassment of having to replace it (6:1-7).
  • The servant of Elisha happens to be telling a story to the king of Israel about these very things when the same woman happens to come back from a seven-year sojourn and ask to have her land restored to her. The king, impressed by the stories he just heard, agrees to give this woman back her land that she had lost. (8:1-6)

Second Kings is either about some really lucky people who happen to survive some unfortunate circumstances, or its about God’s provision and perfect timing.

All of the Bible is about the story and glory of God. He’s always at work in the background — especially when we don’t see it.

Don’t lose hope. God’s timing may not make sense to us, but it’s always perfect, often ironic, and ultimately for our good and His glory.

Published by

Justin Laskowski

Connecting the Gospel to Everyday Life | Northridge Youth Ministry | Rochester, NY

One thought on “The Perfect Timing of God”

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