2017 on The Things Unseen

February marks the one-year point for this website. I have been blessed with the opportunity every week to share my thoughts with willing readers. For all of you who have kept up with my posts, I want to say thank you!

It’s not easy starting a blog, and it’s even more difficult to get traction. Thankfully, I have had great help, coaching, and faithful readers.

Although this model has worked well in 2016, I felt it was time to shake things up. For the past three months I’ve been sitting on the idea of incorporating more authors on my site, with the goal of sharing a variety of voices and writing styles. During that time, I reconnected with a friend from Liberty University, Justin Laskowski, who is currently ministering in New York. The timing couldn’t have been better.

Justin and I share a similar vision in our writing. We both desire to write content that meets devotional needs, specifically for those who are not engaged in the ministry bubble. We believe God has called every Christian to live for His glory in many different vocational and geographic locations. Also, we understand that many of those people don’t have time and interest in diving into some of the more complex, weighty, and ministry-minded blogs. All of those sites have their place and serve their purpose, but we want to complement them by ministering to those on the fringes of the Christian blogosphere.

So, here is our format for this coming year. Justin and I believe that two people bring more to the table than one when ministering. Our hope is that by combining our writing talents God might multiply them and grow our readers in ways we couldn’t have by writing alone.

We will continue to post short, encouraging, and thoughtful writing. We don’t desire that you linger on our site as much as we want you to read, ponder, and look for opportunities to carry out what God has put in our hearts to share with you.

We are excited about writing together and look forward to sharing what the Lord lays on our hearts. For information about Justin, please visit our Authors page.

We pray that 2017 will be an fruitful time for you in your walk with Christ.


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