5 Things to Pray for as You Start This Semester

No matter your level of education, the beginning of the semester is an important time. We all want to start the semester strong so we have some cushion for the final challenges at the end.

Often we set lofty goals and are full of passion. Eventually, reality sets in and we run out of steam. The uphill battle wears us down, and by mid semester we question why we even attend school. Very few students are driven to the point that they don’t encounter this internal battle.

In hopes of persevering well through this semester, here are five things we can pray over ourselves as we start another academic term.

  1. Pray for growth. Ask God to mature you spiritually, educationally, and internally. We should want to leave this semester knowing God better, our fields of study more deeply, and ourselves more completely.
  2. Pray for persistence. This will be particularly important in the middle of the semester when we are tempted to slack and simply survive in many areas of life. But, making this wrong choice leads to regrets when we cross the finish line and realize we had more in us to give.
  3. Pray for focus. Too often we don’t comprehend our assigned information because we are mentally distracted. Ask God to focus your mind when you need to memorize, study, etc.
  4. Pray for free time. There is nothing wrong with relaxing. Students tend to be busy with work and school, so sometimes we find ourselves feeling guilty for taking time to simply breathe. Ask the Lord to help you protect that time and to relieve unhealthy guilt when you recharge.
  5. Pray for your spouse. I’m somewhat speaking out of turn here (since I’m not married), but I would assume you married folks are challenged splitting time among school, work, and each other. Ask God to foster your marital relationship even in the busyness. I’m sure He would be happy to do so.

I pray you have a successful and prosperous semester, and that God grows and reveals more of Himself to you in this coming term.



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