Thinking of the Future, Living in the Now

It is often hard to keep our focus on daily tasks. God gives us grace for today, but sometimes we want to spend it on tomorrow.

We should strive to strike a balance between future mindedness and present-tense living. Looking forward to the future can energize us to accomplish today’s tasks, so pairing both elements together can actually be quite helpful.

Here are a few benefits of future mindedness.

  1. Preparation. Quite obviously, we do ourselves a favor when we think ahead enough to plot a simple plan of action. Be on guard, though. Whenever your thoughts are constantly pointed towards planning and plotting, you might be missing out on what is right in front of you.
  2. Encouragement. Looking ahead at the things God might do (and factoring in all the blessings to come) will energize you. We could compare this to looking forward to all the joys of the Christmas season.

Now let’s pair a healthy future outlook with active living in the present. Here are two benefits of living for today.

  1. Engagement. You don’t miss quite as much when you are focusing on being present. Obsessive thoughtfulness about the future may cause us to miss what God is doing right in our midst. Be on the lookout for His work. It can be easy to overlook at times.
  2. Joy. By living for today, we limit our worries, anxieties, and unhealthy wants. All of this lifts the burden of the future (which we cannot control) to enjoy the grace God has provided for today. “We do not know what tomorrow will bring” (James 4:14) so why obsess over it?

Let’s try to pair the two as we look forward to all 2017 will have in store for us. Rest in God’s grace for today and in His hope for tomorrow.

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