4 Reasons to Keep Learning

In a world of constant entertainment, I believe that many Christians have given up on the pursuit of knowledge. Few who have graduated from formal education continue reading to gain new insight and understanding. I’m not making a case for constant reading or education, but I think we should be pursuing to learn more than we do.

Here are a few reasons why.

  1. God instructs us to. The value of knowledge is stressed consistently throughout the Proverbs. Let’s take God at His Word and soak up knowledge that is available to us.
  2. It’s good stewardship of opportunity. If you have the ability to, honor the Lord by seeking new information through different avenues. Always strive to be learning whenever you get the opportunity to do so, either in formal or informal education.
  3. It will grow you spiritually. As your worldview becomes more comprehensive, you will have a deeper appreciation for God and how He has worked through Christ on the cross.
  4. It will help you connect with a broader spectrum of people. Having a wide knowledge base allows you to find common interests with folks that you wouldn’t otherwise interact with.

What’s the one thing you’ve wanted to learn about but haven’t taken the time to do it? Let’s commit to learning a few new things this coming year. We will benefit as will others around us.


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