3 Gifts to Give Besides Your Money This Christmas

So you’re in college, and you’re poor. Everything you earn folding shirts at Target this Christmas break will support your chaotic lifestyle next semester.

Maybe y’all are newlyweds and all the money is being pumped into the loan payments and rent.

Whatever your reason, not everyone has the ability to give monetary gifts this Christmas.

If that’s you, here are three simple ways to be generous this season.

  1. With your words. You don’t have to be a professional writer to make an impact with your words. Simply put your heart into what you want to say, find a computer or piece of paper, record your thoughts, and give them to that person. Letters have sentimental value and a tendency to leave a lasting impression.
  2. With your time. Time is valuable, and when you carve out time for others, it tells them “you are valuable to me.” Give quality time to those close to you this Christmas.
  3. With your service. Some people feel loved by being served. Ask and look for opportunities to bless those around you with helping hands.

Those are three potentially obvious ideas, but they should still be shared. Money shouldn’t stop us from giving quality gifts. Don’t let finances be an excuse. Instead, use it (or the lack of “it”) to push you to give creative gifts.

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