5 Things to Pray Through This Advent Season

Even as Christians, we can become numb to the festivities during the Advent season. Although this is understandable, I encourage you to pray through a few items as we close in on the 25th.

  1. Pray for a renewed interest in the Christmas story. I love reading Luke 2 during this time of year. The words come alive and play out in my imagination like a movie. Ask God to give you a renewed joy and passion about His coming.
  2. Pray for opportunities to leverage this season for the gospel. Many people are hurting and disillusioned during this time of year. Ask for the Lord’s help in using this holiday season to connect with people through meaningful conversations.
  3. Pray for passion in your church activities. Sometimes church involvement becomes drudgery instead of joy during the holidays. It might become a to-do, even for consistent members. Try to leverage the unique services by inviting lost people to join you.
  4. Pray for rich time spent with family and friends. Christmas time and New Year provide time to reunite and enjoy the company of those closest to us. Ask that God would use this time to grow you deeper and nearer to the ones you love.
  5. Pray for rest. Breath. Enjoy the time off. Soak up the nuances of the holiday. The laughs, the smiles, and all the in-betweens. Pray that you’re present and able to enjoy every moment for all it’s worth.

I pray you have a blessed and rejuvenating time celebrating the Lord’s coming.

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