4 Reasons I Dislike the Collegiate Search for Identity

I enjoyed my time in college, but I disliked one aspect of it strongly – the search for identity by aligning with other students. I love it when people are uniquely themselves, even if others aren’t like them.

Here are four reasons why I think the collegiate search for identity should be put to death.

  1. It destroys individualism. We are all made different for a reason, and when we forego that to fit in, we cheat ourselves and others. Be distinctively you, whether or not others are willing to follow in your footsteps.
  2. It limits people. If you’re known for liking only one genre of music, and you like being known for that, you are going to stick to that one taste of music, even if you desire something different. Although that might be a overly simple example, it’s often demonstrated on a much larger scale in more complex areas of life. Being completely you allows you to experience more than when you are constricted by stereotypes.
  3. It gives a false sense of security. Individuals are confident when they know who they are, imperfections and all, and they’re okay with it. Insecurity is often temporarily fixed by getting your identity from the people you hang around, until they’re gone.
  4. It’s immature. The search for identity is a lot simpler than we make it. Are you a Christian? What do you value? What do you enjoy doing? All of those things compound into forming your identity, and that’s enough. Grow up enough to know these things and be confident in them.

Identity is a tricky thing. People always want to belong, but we can be unique and also fit in.


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