5 Marks of a Down-to-Earth Christian

In my seminary setting (and in a lot of church settings), the words “genuine” and “authentic” are two catch phrases. But, I think people are searching for Christians they can relate to, something I would refer to as down-to-earth Christianity. These believers are authentic, mature, relatable, but hard to find.

So what’s the problem? Why is it so challenging for the majority of Christians to be relatable, practical, and Christ-like?

Down-to-earth Christians attract a lot of companions. Here are five of their characteristics.

  1. They’re honest. This almost goes without saying. It’s hard to be authentic if you aren’t an honest person, and vice versa.
  2. They’re humble. People who are authentic don’t worry about keeping up appearances. They understand the more they relate to people, the more people they’ll connect with. I believe for the few folks you alienate by being genuine, you bond with many more.
  3. They apologize. There is no need to fear being wrong when you aren’t maintaining an appearance. If a genuine Christian is wrong and knows it, he or she will likely just apologize and face the fact that they’re imperfect.
  4. They do discipleship well. People gravitate towards folks like this because they believe they really can emulate Christ when they see Him demonstrated in such a practical, attainable way.
  5. They aren’t perfectionists. They aren’t because it’s simply not realistic, and people love them for this. They understand human nature causes problems, and, by God’s grace, they can always apologize and continue progressing.

Although my list isn’t infallible, I think we would all benefit by taking on some of the qualities above. I encourage you to be a down-to-earth believer. The world needs more honest, imperfect people.

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