5 Reasons to Celebrate Free-Spirited Christians

For the longest time, I judged Christians who are wild at heart. I didn’t understand them, and somewhat feared their reckless potential. But, after becoming friends with some, I was soon corrected as I came to understand the blessings wrapped in their personalities.

Here are five reasons to celebrate free-spirited Christians:

  1. They keep the more serious types less stressed. Lighthearted Christians have a relaxing, almost medicinal, way of keeping uptight Christians from cramping up. They give serious folks a reason to smile, if only for a minute.
  2. They demonstrate the joy of the Lord. Overly stern people don’t often experience the joy of the Lord. Free spirits have a great knack for connecting with the wild and untamed joy of God.
  3. They demonstrate the freedom of the Lord. How? They don’t try to control the world; they simply enjoy the good God has created. It’s more relaxing that way – and we can’t change nearly as much as we think we can, so why try?
  4. They generally do relationships well. Their freedom allows them to experience the fullness of every person. They aren’t worried about what everyone is thinking about them or whether they’re awkward. Instead, they simply try to have fun and make life enjoyable for their companions.
  5. They’re courageous. The gospel needs delivered? They’ll take it, and they don’t care how far they have to go. That kind of bravery is commendable and certainly should be reproduced.

Try to keep some free-spirited Christians in your life. You will be a happier person and will learn some valuable lessons about life.

And to all of you who are wild at heart Christ followers, thank you.

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