How to Engage Our Homosexual Friends

President-elect Donald Trump has issued statements that he intends to leave marriage equality as is, meaning that Christians will continue our uphill battle in the fight for biblical marriage.

This presents us with an opportunity to show Christ-likeness to those around us who are living in a lifestyle that is contradictory to our Bibles. Even as I sit in a local coffee shop writing this post, I have seen a same-sex couple publicly displaying affection right outside the entrance.

Here are a few ways Christians can approach controversial conversations about marriage equality.

Disclaimer: I don’t believe we should seek to confront random strangers about their sinful lifestyle, but if we happen to find ourselves in one of these conversations, this is my suggested approach.

  1. In love. Just remember, it’s not what you say so much as how you say it. Speak the truth, but make sure it’s packaged in love. If their lifestyle becomes a topic of conversation, be aware of your tone of voice. Their sexuality is not a threat to you, it’s a threat to them! So, speak out of genuine concern for them and the condition of their soul.
  2. In truth. Never compromise on the truth, but do make sure to speak it kindly. Package strong statements with a softer tone of voice. Maybe remind your listener you’re not perfect either, but that the Bible calls us to pursue God’s design for our lives, not our own. Also, expect to feel uncomfortable when sharing the truth of God’s Word. It is a “sword” that cuts to the heart of the issue, so it will surely stir up strong emotions when heard (Hebrews 4:12).
  3. In patient prayer. It’s unlikely your words will radically change someone’s lifestyle immediately. With that said, that’s not a reason to give up. Pray for them and don’t preach to them. Don’t expect to say everything you want to say in one conversation. Dialogue is the best way to approach such a controversy. God can work in anyone’s heart; we only need to ask.

This topic is one to be explored with great depth, but these are three very basic ways to get started talking about this topic. Let’s commit to praying for the spiritual health of those who practice a homosexual lifestyle and to reach out to them as much as possible.

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