3 Reasons Evangelism Doesn’t Happen

Evangelism is challenging work. This semester I have become friends with quite a few International Mission Board Journeymen (for those unfamiliar with that title, they’re college students who graduated and went directly onto the mission field for at least two years).

Their friendship has challenged me in the area of evangelism. Here are courageous young men and women right in front of me, willing to risk everything for the gospel while I struggle to share it in a (mostly) free American society.

I began to analyze the break down of evangelism in the American church, starting with myself. Here are three reasons I concluded evangelism doesn’t happen.

  1. It’s not taught. Teaching evangelism has more to do with showing someone it can be done. It’s encouraging for me to be with other believers when they share the gospel. Those moments teach and challenge me to be more committed to the great commission.
  2. It’s not bought into. Some Americans simply have not committed to loving and sharing the gospel. This is a result of the condition of their heart, their spiritual maturity, and the depth of their love for lost people. A positive evangelistic influence over an extended period of time is a great way to begin to encourage others to buy into evangelism.
  3. It’s not attempted. A professor recently shared in one of my classes the power of overseas mission trips. He said when students get out of their comfort zones and begin to share the gospel, they realize they can do it. Sometimes just trying is the first step to really buying in to the advancement of the gospel.

Sharing Jesus with those around us is difficult, but rewarding. Let’s make sure we are loving people well and seeking lost souls in our communities. I know I need this reminder daily.

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