What I’m Reading – 10/29

Although my seminary classes require me to read quite a few books, I still attempt to keep a few personal reads going throughout the year.

Here are a few books I am reading right now.

The Insanity of God” – Nik Ripken. I am loving this read. Ripken studies persecution trends throughout the world. I recommend it to all American Christians. We need to broaden our horizons, and this book certainly helps us do just that.

Run with the Horses” – Eugene Peterson. Peterson is my favorite author, so I am bias. However, this book is an exposition of Jeremiah, exhorting readers to live full lives in Christ; lives that accomplish outstanding feats simply for the glory of God.

Desiring God” – John Piper. Christian hedonism is new for me, but I am enjoying Piper’s perspective. I look forward to what I will have learned by the time I read the last page.

Cross Roads” – Wm. Paul Young. This book belongs to the new genre of theological fiction. I love Young’s artistic expression of God’s creativity through story telling. Young’s  book packs a wonderfully fresh narrative about a successful businessman coming to the end of himself.

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