Christians, Millennials, and Homosexuality

Addressing homosexuality in our country right now is risky. If you support a biblical view of sexuality, there will be strong backlash. The media is in a full blown assault on God’s definition of sex. Therefore, it is time for Christians to be strong in the Lord and faithful to an accurate interpretation of the Bible.

I have observed an interesting dynamic in the response to homosexuality from my generation. There isn’t really a discernible pattern of thought from Christian millennials when it comes to homosexuality, although we think we know what the response should be.

If we read the Bible according to the author’s original intent, all mentions of homosexual behavior are within the context of sin. The Law forbids it, and when Paul mentions it in the New Testament, he assumed his readers were familiar with those forebodings. So, if we are reading the Bible in a way that seeks to determine its original intent, we must understand this expression of sexuality is wrong and goes against God’s design for sex inside the covenant marriage of a man and woman.

How we express this within the church and to an unbelieving world is a struggle. My concern is that my millennial Christian brothers and sisters are choosing either right-wing hatred or “tolerance.”

Here are my suggestions: Commit to sharing a biblical response to the topic of homosexuality. Establish your response in love, and root it in biblical truth. Although it is hard to do and can be somewhat awkward, you will be grateful you did. Standing upon truth is rewarding. You don’t have to Bible-thump, but communicate God’s thoughts on the matter with kindness and grace.

Humbly pray for those that are blinded by this sin. The grip of sin is no match for the power of the Holy Spirit. Don’t pursue the transgressions of others. Reach for the soul instead. If we choose to respond in love as well as truth, God will be honored and people will be saved from their sins.

God bless.


2 thoughts on “Christians, Millennials, and Homosexuality”

  1. Love your humble and gracious thoughts here. I’d be interested hear more about how you, “communicate God’s thoughts on the matter with kindness and grace.” What have you found to be helpful (or not helpful)?


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