The Home as a Tabernacle

Freshly groomed grass, peaceful woods…shades of burnt orange, red, and mustard yellow. Warmth and the smell of a burning candle. Low light, smiles, hugs, and laughs. Quiet. Peace.

My return to my parent’s house is always filled with anticipation and joy. I lived in a number of houses during my childhood, each one with its own features, but they all shared one common characteristic.

My family loves Jesus. It’s the posture of their hearts. He is first, family is second. They love Him for all He has done for them, and all He continues to do. He is their satisfaction and joy. He is their everything.

Because of this, their home is not just a dwelling place or a structure. Its foundation is prayer. Its aroma is love. Its mission is the gospel. Bibles are everywhere, not for religious pretense. No, Bibles are everywhere because His words reside in their hearts.

When guests come, they don’t just feel welcome. They feel at home. Beds are provided, but their spiritual rejuvenation is expected. Burdens are released. Solitude abounds. Peace rests upon the home. Safety and comfort surround those who stay with them.

People mourn leaving their home. There is a reason for this. If you press into the life of Christ, hoping to exchange your own for His, the fruit is irresistible. The result is a pull, a gravitational draw that is hard to resist.

Their home has been established like a tabernacle. The presence of God rest on their lives and marriage. Their household is a reflection of their individual and corporate intimacy with God. When guests arrive, they experience two manifestations of God’s grace. Such godliness can only encourage, heal, and comfort.

I urge you to examine your own life today. Is God’s presence evident in your life? Are others drawn to you like a magnet? Do they long to be with you, because in you they see Him? These are questions worth asking.

Our lives are all reflecting something. I hope and pray they reflect the presence of the living God.



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