A Mother That Prays

Nothing happens by accident. I have been very blessed in my life. Likewise, I have found direction for each time of transition and strength for every challenge. God’s provision continues to abound. When I remained faithless, God continued to prove Himself faithful. Of course, this is a product of the character of God, but, in my case, it is also the product of a mother who cares. Furthermore, it is the result of a mother who prays.

I’ve had one of the rare blessings in life that very few sons have – to have been prayed for every day for 22 years. Not a day missed. Not one! She has always been interceding, asking God to do things I could not even comprehend. She has spent faithful time in private prayer, asking God to protect His child, provide for me, and give me direction. I am convinced so many of the outcomes in my life have been consequences of my mother’s faithful prayer life.

The calling to intercede, though, is for all of us – not just our mothers. For that reason, I urge us all to commit to lives of faithful intercession. Someone needs your prayers daily. There are people in your life depending on them. Let us commit to caring about others so much that we must talk to God on their behalf.

Who is the person for whom you need to intercede? Start by praying for him or her as soon as you finish reading this post.

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