10 Reflections from 22 Years

Although I am short on wisdom and come up empty when asked about my “extensive” knowledge of the world, there are a few things I have learned from my short time on this earth.

Allow me to share some of them with you.

  1. You don’t passively outgrow immaturity. It takes a conscious effort. Some behaviors do pass with age, but many don’t. Thoughtful determination is required to move beyond childish actions.
  2. My childhood memories are some of my most valuable possessions. Growing up with the best sister in the world, having so many great friends, and daily adventures made for some sweet times.
  3. I have so many more questions than answers. I thought I would have more figured out, but my questions have only piled up. There is so much more for me to learn about the world.
  4. God is inexhaustible. Building off the last point, the more time I spend walking with the Lord the more I see my limited knowledge of Him.
  5. Friendships are so important. Friends are fuel to your motivation when you are on empty. They are sources of joy and encouragement. Very few blessings are richer than loyal and godly friends.
  6. Family is forever. Nothing runs thicker than blood. They know you the best, yet they love you the most. Treasure your family.
  7. I can’t save the world. Sure, God can use me to effect change in the world, but I can’t fix all of the complex problems throughout this vast universe.
  8. Answers aren’t always available. I’ve had to learn to be okay with unanswered questions. Oddly, there is some comfort in not having absolutes for every inquiry.
  9. Saying goodbye to certain seasons of life is tough. Moving on is always a challenge. It never gets easier. Because of this, I have learned to treasure the present.
  10. God is faithful. Although the Bible states it, I still forget it. Nevertheless, He is incredibly faithful to me, whether I am deserving or not.

Take some time to think/write/reflect on what you have been taught in your lifetime. I think you will be blessed.

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