3 Things to Look For Towards the End of the 2016 Election

We are approaching election day, and it seems the tension is thickening by the hour. Name calling, tattling, and bad behavior continue to make headlines. People from all worldviews are getting sucked into the madness.

Here are three thoughts to consider as we head towards November.

  1. Christians are only going to get more opinionated. I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing. Passion is healthy when it is directed towards the right endeavors. However, remember to communicate your viewpoints with love and respect in a factual manner.
  2. Fear tactics will abound. Very little motivates the human race like fear. This election cycle has been riddled with it. We certainly have a lot to think about, but God remains in control of the human race. Just because America is powerful doesn’t mean God cannot affect the outcome of events in our country. Even in our rampant secularism, He is still in full control of His creation.
  3. You will need to think for yourself. There are a lot of influential Christians trying to tell you how to reason through this election. I believe this is unhealthy. If you are of legal voting age, you should exercise your ability to examine political viewpoints in comparison to your Christian worldview. Don’t be lazy. Read and stay informed so you can make the best decision for the overall health of our country.

These are just three simple thoughts, but I think they are good places to start. This election is important, so make sure you are involved and informed.

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