3 Ways to Keep the Gospel Fresh

During my time at Liberty University, I studied aviation maintenance management. At first, being around the airplanes and engines was invigorating and new. After a little time, they occasionally became nuisances instead of intriguing. Having spent some time away from those incredible machines, I now find myself once again fascinated whenever I see one fly overhead.

We can sometimes allow the gospel to become stale, too, because of exposure. Similar to my encounter in maintenance school, there are times when we forget the blessing and wonder of salvation.

Here are three ways to keep your passion for the gospel fresh.

  1. Check your theology. Don’t forget the simplicity of the gospel. Sometimes we feel smart getting into the nuisances of intricate theologies and doctrines, but never lose sight of the simple, timeless truths of Christ’s sacrifice for us.
  2. Remember the gospel has its foundation in love. God sent His Son to die for us because He lovingly desires to bring us back into relationship with Him. He desires that all men, women, boys, and girls spend their lives walking in step with Him.
  3. Share it with someone. We can easily forget the gospel if we fail to share it. Making disciples invigorates us when we see the power of the Holy Spirit open someone’s eyes to the Love that awaits them through Jesus.

Reflect on what the gospel means to you today. Pray for opportunities to invite others into a relationship with God.

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