4 Ways Focusing on Relationships Has Changed Me

Four years ago I didn’t know how to have and maintain relationships. As I reflect and write, I still don’t feel like I have arrived, but I have learned some valuable lessons about the worth of relationships.

Here are four ways that focusing more on my relationships has changed my life.

  1. My life goals changed for the better. In the past I have pursued the completion of tasks more than communion with people. This was a detrimental move, often leaving me more alone than I ever cared to be.
  2. My life got richer. Success and a task–oriented mindset can leave you feeling fulfilled only as long as you continue to make progress. Relaxing and enjoying the presence of those you love adds color to life that checking the box simply can’t match.
  3. My life slowed down. If you know me, you know that I often set goals and achieve them speedily. Contrarily, engaging in life with people has slowed me down for the better. Living at a healthy pace is good for the soul, and relationships help set the pace for us.
  4. My life got more relaxed. I still have a lot of progress to make in this particular area, but just chilling and enjoying those I’m around has made me slightly less anxious.

I share these four because I want you to think about your relationships. Are they rich? Do they bog you down or fill you with joy? Do some assessing and see what areas might need tweaking.

Make relationships a priority in your life. It will bring new color to your world. And always make sure to give your relationship with the Lord priority.

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