5 Practical Provisions Through Prayer

Prayer has the power to change the course of history, yet we struggle to prioritize spending time in God’s presence. I would wager prayer has helped you through long days before. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of the power of prayer.

Here are five ways God provides for us when we pray.

  1. Prayer provides focus. This truth is best illustrated when discussing morning prayer. Prayer has the power to set our eyes on God instead of the looming obstacles. The good news is you can ask God for heavenly focus throughout your day, not just in the morning.
  2. Prayer provides strength. God allows us to encounter roadblocks that require us to look to Him for a solution. If we are humble and ask God to provide a path to victory, He will surely give us the strength we need to be triumphant over, or through, obstructions.
  3. Prayer provides open doors. Evangelism is often a product of faithful prayer. Asking God for opportunities to share His good news with others will lead to productive conversations.
  4. Prayer provides for needs. I’ll be the first to admit, as an American I struggle to fully appreciate God’s provision. However, even in America I still have spiritual and physical needs that prayer helps meet.
  5. Prayer provides intimacy. Is there any greater gift than being close to God? God Almighty, who reigns in heaven, spends time with us whenever we decided to reach out for Him. Intimacy with the Father is our greatest earthly treasure. Make sure you use it!

Prayer is a gift to us as believers. Don’t let it collect dust. Stretch your prayer muscles, and spend time in God’s presence today.



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