4 Ways We’ve given up on Relationships

Outside of my salvation, I cannot think of anything I value more than my relationships. People are precious to God, but at times we act like they are our last interest. Our culture is partly to blame, but Christians should see people through loving eyes.

Here are four ways we have given up on the value of having rich relationships.

  1. We have settled for earthly achievements. I do believe there is a time to work and a time to fellowship, but we must always make sure we balance both. Sadly, many of us have settled for satisfaction through promotion or graduation rather than spending time with people in need.
  2. We have gotten lazy in our interactions. This is an easy trap to fall into. If someone you know irritates or offends you, it is easier to block him or her out of your life instead of sharing your hurt with the intent of gaining understanding and healing. Contrarily, we decide to be the victim instead of checking to see where we went wrong, and then trying to fix it.
  3. We worry too much about what people think. Because we are filled with anxiety and distrust of others, we shelter ourselves from people, only letting a few break through our self-protective barrier.
  4. We settle for the internet. The internet age of communication has impersonalized and distanced our relationships. Likewise, the host of resources and entertainment at our fingertips makes us less likely to find spending time with people to be stimulating.

I am guilty of all four, but I am learning to reorder my priorities. It’s a struggle to stay focused on people in such an impersonal age, but it can be done. Look for opportunities to make new friends, and soak up every moment you get to spend with those closest to you.


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