4 Unique Ways to Connect with God

Sunday worship gathering is so important for our spiritual lives, but there are times when it is appropriate for us to find other ways to connect with God. He has provided numerous awe-inspiring creations that give us opportunities to praise Him. Here are four ways you can encounter the Lord’s presence outside the four walls of a church.

  1. Nature. Thanks to social networks, lots of people like to get out and create an adventurous image for themselves. A Bible verse seems to make a great caption for a sunset or crashing waves. However, I challenge you to keep your phone in your bag/pocket during your next outing. Commit to taking only one picture to share. Instead of crafting an image for the internet, try to soak up God’s glory without making sure everyone knows where you’re at.
  2. Music. Some folks may get uncomfortable when I suggest that worship music isn’t the only way to worship through music. For example, I recently discovered the band City of the Sun. Their music is masterful art that demonstrates God’s creative craftsmanship. These three guys inspire awe in me as I reflect on God’s ability to gift each human with talents that progress mankind. Oh, and their music is wonderful.
  3. Friends. Simply being around people close to you can spark a thankful and worshipful heart within you. God has blessed us with relationships that are once-in-a-lifetime gifts. Don’t squander them. I will be discussing relationships more on Friday.
  4. Hobbies. I love to work with my hands. It doesn’t matter if I’m woodworking, fixing a car, or making repairs on apartments. Likewise, reading a good book to relax and unwind is reason enough for me to worship a God that gives us rest not just through His Word, but also through the words of others.

I’m sure you have your way of appreciating God, but these are just four of mine. God wants us to experience Him in all areas of life. Start to look for obscure things in your life that draw you closer to Him.

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